Sunday, July 31, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #936 - Rise of the Batmen Pt. 3


Published July 13, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by  James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez.

Kate and Renee meet over a drink and Kate expresses a need for guidance but Renee pushes back and bodes her to trust her instincts while alluding to the reason they are no longer together.

Back at the Belfry Red Robin shows Batwoman the recent attack Batman suffered from the Colony. Batman’s vigilante group is assembled and briefed on the recent attack on Batman. She also has brought her father onboard now to assist with their training.

Meanwhile Red Robin is getting concerned about Orphan who is fighting the Colony as she tries to make her way to the Belfry. Once the fight reaches the Belfry’s roof all hell breaks loose as the sky is falling and the group is betrayed.

Surrounded by the Colony Red Robin makes a quite attempt to hack into the Colony’s computer system but when it doesn’t work the group is still able to escape the ambush at the Belfry.

With Batman out of commission and Batwoman left to lead the group the story takes an interesting twist as it is revealed what the Colony really is and who’s leading them.

BLACK PANTHER #4 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 4

BLACK PANTHER #4 July 2016

Published July 27, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Brian Stelfreeze.

During a high level meeting with Hodari, T’Challa is briefed on the security status of Wakanda as well as Zenzi and Tetu. Tetu had been a pupil at one time at Hekima Shule. T’Challa’s step-mother, Ramonda, reveals that the one Tetu met was a tutor for the royal court under T’Chaka, T’Challa’s father. T’Challa is also briefed on the Midnight Angel’s crusade through the northern part of Wakanda and it is characterized as revolution against the throne.

The Queen Mother goes to Shule to visit Changamire, the one Tetu recently met with, and tries to persuade him on the side of the king. But Changamire refuses and is warned of the coming conflict.

Tetu visits the Midnight Angels in an attempt to unite with them on their cause against the throne of Wakanda. But Tetu learns it’s not as easy as just having a common enemy to side with the Angel’s crusade.

The Queen Mother confides in T’Challa about her recent visit to Changemire and recounts the differences in views held by his father and Changemire. But she feels T’Challa has not reached his people on a level he needs to, to defeat the forces conspiring against him and the throne of Wakanda.

After his meeting with the Midnight Angels Tetu tends to Zenzi revitalizing her with magic. And meets with a mysterious man, Zeke Stane, who warns Tetu of his impending doom if he doesn’t bolster his technology against King T’Challa.

After a devastating explosion that nearly kills the Queen Mother and leaves many dead in Wakanda, T’Challa vows to avenge the fallen from the recent attacked aimed at the throne.

T’Challa is starting to learn the key to reaching his people and how to make amends for past transgressions. The buildup for this story has been captivating to say the least. But I think it’s going to get better as more and more is revealed. All the major players are set in motion for the coming war T’Challa is going to unleash on his detractors.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #935 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 2


Published June 22, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by  James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira.

Batwoman begins the new vigilante group’s training. It’s exhausting and grueling but is she pushing them too hard? She has a vision for the team and the team’s potential is being challenged.

Red Robin confronts Batman about the training yet both are keeping things back from one another.

Azrael’s computer becomes the focus of Batman’s investigation into the mysterious group called the “Colony” who are targeting him and the new vigilante team. While the Belfry super crime fighting computer may be the solution they are looking for to solving the riddle.

Being a Kane has a high standards and low views of the Waynes. Kate wrestles with her father’s expectations and her own ideals as well as her loyalties to her cousin, Bruce Wayne.

The story so far has me hooked. I like this new foe, the Colony. A gathering of bats is called a colony as they fly. I think this new group is something on another level than Man-Bat and the man-bat serum. Only time will tell and I’ll keep reading to learn more…

DOCTOR STRANGE #9 – Last Days of Magic Pt. 4


Published June 22, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

Magic is almost gone and Doctor Strange is running out of time to defeat the Empirikul.

In the Himalayas a gathering is occurring of those seeking magic. Led by Zelma and Wong ordinary people who miss the magic are brought to help bring it back. Meanwhile back in the Sanctum Sanctorum the Imperator meets his match by an evil creation of Strange that science cannot comprehend.

Finally Dr. Strange aided by Talisman and other magic users gather together the last little bit of magic left for one final show down with the Imperator and the Inqusitors.   

The new Doctor Strange series has been a great read for me. I’ve enjoyed the writing style of Jason Aaron and art of Chris Bachalo. There’s humor, magic and fun in every story!

The Last Days of Magic has been a very unique story so far. Magic vs. Science, there’s an analogy here that’s woven into the story pretty well. The thing in the basement, the Inquisitors and Imperator battle against, is probably my favorite so far in the last days story arc.

DETECTIVE COMICS #934 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 1



Published June 8, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by  James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira.
Detective Comics #934 is the first Detective Comics issue to return to the numbering convention used before the New 52 campaign. This is part of the DC Universe’s “Rebirth” campaign. Someone is watching Gotham’s vigilantes. Someone with advanced technology beyond what is available on Earth.
Batman, with the help of Batwoman must recruit those being watched by this unknown being and prepared them for what is coming.
I’m pretty neutral on the whole numbering issue. Whether they re-boot a series, go back to an old numbering or go to an alpha numeric encrypted code you have to enter in a website to get the number makes no difference to me. Detective Comics is the only DC title I read so my thoughts and views come from that perspective.
After reading Detective #934 I’m excited about this new story arc. My curiosity is intrigued. The opening pages with Azrael do a nice job setting the stage for what is coming. The whole issue pretty much introduces this new team Batman and Batwoman must put together to confront whatever, or whoever, is scheming against Gotham vigilantes. It’s not till the end we see it’s some sort of advanced army of a bat-kind.
I think beginning in this issue we may see some depth coming to the character Clayface. The couple of pages introducing him in this issue were interesting.


Monday, July 11, 2016

BLACK PANTHER #3 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 3

BLACK PANTHER #3 June 2016

Published June 29, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Brian Stelfreeze.

Issue #3 opens up with a history lesson of Wakanda represented as a tree being harvested and finally burned. From colonialism to the modern age Wakanda was thought lost only to survive. Tetu is preparing his plan for a new Wakanda without the Panther. T’Challa is troubled by visions of guilt. Aneka and Ayo, the Midnight Angels, continue on and begin their plans for an army to liberate Wakanda. Shuri continues on her journey through the DJalia led by Griot the caretaker of Wakanda’s memory. Griot gives Shuri what might be the key to saving Wakanda.

 T’Challa finally tracks down Zenzi and Tetu in the Nigandan borderlands. And prepares to exact his vengeance for the miner’s uprising. But exacting revenge only risks making the hate in Wakanda stronger. And Tetu is able to best the Black Panther.

The book ends with the Midnight Angels new army defeating the White Gorilla Army.

 Will T’Challa ever find redemption? Will Wakanda ever rise up in one voice?...

The story is shaping up to be very interesting. I see the anguish and dismay of T’Challa coming to an end with Shuri regaining consciousness and bringing order and pride back to Wakanda. I also have the feeling the Midnight Angels maybe let back into the fold of the Dora Milaje too.