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DETECTIVE COMICS #942 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 6

Detective Comics #942 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 6


Published October 12, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Andy Macdonald.

The exciting conclusion of “Night of the Monster Men” is here in Detective Comics #942. Batwoman, Nightwing, Spoiler and Orphan begin their attack on the giant monster at Sister Arcippe Cathedral while Batman pursues Hugo Strange to Anders Tower in lower Gotham.

After luring the monster to an attack point between four Gotham towers armed with heavy ammunition, the Arcippe Cathedral group begins their attack on one ugly and menacing monster.

Batman finally arrives to confront Strange at Anders Tower and learns of his plan to somehow replace Batman in Gotham with himself. Strange has donned a Batman suit that is rigged to kill him if Batman touches him.

The group continues their assault on the rampaging monster through Gotham while looking for a weakness. But Dick springs into action with a plan after thinking of all the elements Strange put into the monster. And back at Anders Towers Strange begins to needle Bruce about all his fallen partners which nearly brings Batman to exact his rage on Strange but falls short of killing the doctor.

But Clayface has arrived at Anders Towers and begins to encase the top floor with himself cutting off the oxygen inside which renders Strange nearly unconscious and Nightwing’s plan to ingest into the monster causes the monster to vomit which it releases the child within the monster and defeating it.

So this was the finale to Night of the Monster Men which strangely (no pun intended) did end in an interesting way. Again as with issue #941, this story does make you curious about the rest of the chapters. Especially how all the different villains mentioned and shown factor into the bigger story.

I do like this new group Batman has too. It seems instead of a “Robin” he now is working with a team which adds to the dynamics of the stories so far. I hope DC continues for a long time with this arrangement at least in Detective Comics.


DOCTOR STRANGE #13 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 2

Doctor Strange #13 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 2


Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

Everyone dreams. Some dreams are pleasant others are just our worst nightmares. Dr. Strange was once a brilliant surgeon but he lost that in a horrible car accident. He lost the lifestyle he had too. When he dreams he dreams of life before the accident. But the dream is more of a nightmare taunting, teasing him with what he once was. Showing him the life that used to be only to turn to a horrible nightmare by Nightmare.

After fighting Strange and Strange suddenly disappearing Mordo now has to answer to Dormammu for his failure and Dormammu has a unique way of communicating his dis-satisfaction with Mordo. But the dream like nightmare continues for Stephen until Nightmare fully shows himself. The Sorcerer Supreme is ultimately able to write a new spell and use everyone dreaming on the planet against Nightmare and Strange’s own nightmare of clowns, snakes and other oddities. Till finally another player summons Strange for her own ends.

The latest Doctor Strange is definitely going in a weird and chaotic direction as he begins to build his magic back up. The plot being played out with Mordo, Dormammu and now Satana is going in an intriguing direction. I’m really hooked though on the visual odyssey. Bachalo’s art is great and the world of Stephen Strange has always fascinated me. This series has definitely not disappointed me in the least. For the last year or so it’s only solidified my appeal for the character and the movie is definitely going to be icing on the cake to an already great character.  




DETECTIVE COMICS #941 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 3

Detective Comics #941 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 3

Published September 28, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Andy Macdonald.

Thrust right into the action Batwoman and Batman are confronting a giant three-headed monster tearing up the Burnley District of Gotham. While Spoiler and Orphan try to tame an unruly group of evacuees and Alfred is analyzing the monster’s make-up in the Batcave. Clayface is formed into a police officer helping with getting people to a safer place. And a new hero, Gotham Girl, is recovering from Psycho Pirate’s fear attack while she tries to help too. The evacuees erupt in violence as one pushes a kid and it becomes too much for Spoiler and Orphan to handle.

Nightwing and Gotham Girl arrive at Blackgate Penitentiary to fight more monsters that seem to be plaguing all of Gotham. Back at the Burnley District Batman and Batwoman battle the monster but it seems to get stronger with each attack.

A strange sludge on the evacuees seems to be fueling their violence while Spoiler and Orphan contain them in a cave with an expanding net.

After finally battling through monsters of their own at Blackgate Nightwing and Gotham Girl confront the monster queen creating all the other monsters. However, after they make contact with its sludge they too are transformed into monsters.

This issue was a crossover into a bigger story taking place all over Gotham. The art was exciting and fun to look at and while the reader is plunged into the middle of the overall story it was still easy to pick up on the basic premise and follow the action, which there was plenty of. The writing was done in a very crafty way so as to entice the reader to seek out the other comics to get the full story. Eventually I may get the whole “Night of the Monster Men” story arc.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

BLACK PANTHER #7 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 7

Black Panther #7 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 7

Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse/ Karl Story.

The arrival of the Crew sets off the rescue of T’Challa from Stane and the king is even to still help with his hands bound behind his back. Changamire begins to see the revolution of Tetu and Zenzi no different than that which they say they oppose. While T’Challa and the Crew out win the battle against Stane and the Fenris Twins.

Meanwhile in the Djalia Shuri recounts the story of Oronde and the fast cheetah that demanded him to race. While the cheetah defeated Oronde in their first race it was Oronde that eventually overcome the cheetah by declaring himself master over the cheetah. And so Shuri too gathers strength by empowerment in a new name.

Changamire returns to Tetu and Zenzi one last time seeking to resolve the path they have set themselves down. But when he refuses to see the revolution for its evil and not the glory of Wakanda’s ancestors Zenzi attacks him but Tetu has her release him and the two begin a possible plot to rid Wakanda of the royal family.

In this next chapter of “A Nation Under Our Feet” the Crew arrive to rescue T’Challa from his captor and another threat to the throne of Wakanda. With the arrival of the Crew to Wakanda a battle is beginning to shape up that may leave Wakanda in ruins. Tetu and Zenzi seem to be on a win at all costs rampage that implies the throne must fall even if it means destroying Wakanda. The latest episode of Shuri through the Djalia has her possibly preparing too for a confrontation with a foe that she must rule to conquer. Maybe the analogy of the story of Oronde is somehow tied to the anger and rage that has been fueled by Tetu and his revolution.

The story is starting to take off and seems to be headed into a direction that may reveal itself soon. The question remains for me though will this story resolve in one quick swoop or will it be drawn out over several issues? This issue also featured another hip-hop variant cover. I really liked this one even though I’m not too familiar with the hip-hop artist its paying homage to. This cover is inspired by King Mez and his album “Long Live the King”.

Friday, October 28, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #940 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 7

Detective Comics #940 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 7




Published September 14, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira.

The last chapter of Rise of the Batmen and Red Robin has taken control of the Bat-drones and has targeted them on himself in an effort to save Gotham. As Red Robin plays his suicide gambit Kate confronts her father about his recent actions and things get physical for the colonel and his daughter. Batman makes one final attempt to save Tim but he arrives too late as Red Robin is brutally gunned down by the Bat-drones.
Later as Spoiler and Batman are still grieving the loss of Tim Stephanie shares Tim’s acceptance letter into Ivy University and Batman is overcome possibly with guilt and maybe thinking he was holding Tim back from what he really wanted.
But did Tim really parish in the drone attack? Mr. Oz removes Tim from “the field” because he is reconnecting threads that could not be reconnected.
The wrap up to Rise of the Batmen was pretty decent. Kate and her father seem to go nowhere in resolving their differences and it seems it’s only getting worse. The ending opens a lot of questions as to why Tim was “removed” and exactly what he was reconnecting. Could it be something to do with Spoiler and her father? Or maybe Bruce? We will have to wait to see how the plays out.



Monday, October 24, 2016


Deadpool Back in Black #2


Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salva Espin.

Wade is still out test driving the symbiote suite abandoned by Peter Parker in the mid-eighties. In the next installment of Back in Black our web-slinging merc is being tailed by a curious cat as he crashes a kids party being entertained by a less than amusing clown who might’ve been employed by Marvel at one time before answering his true life calling of party clown! But wait this is about Deadpool and his new duds. Meanwhile at the party Power Pack are being disgusted by the Obnoxio the clown and his inability to make balloon animals. While the party is dying though a ship full of Snarks arrive to liven the atmosphere up and attempt some intergalactic kidnapping. Luckily the clown is able to slow them down enough for Deadpool and his closest friend to spring into action. But the rescue is short lived as a snark with seventies style armor is brought in and once again the clown comes through. While Deadpool and his new Klyntar pal make a meal out of the Snark kidnappers.  

Onto Back in Black #2. Ok I’m trying to get the title “Back in Black”. This is the first time Deadpool joined with the suit so maybe a better title would’ve been Dead in Black? Obnoxio was a fun part of the story and seeing the Power Pack kids in action was great even if Deadpool kept getting their name wrong. At the end the set up for the next featured character is going to be Blackcat so we’ll see if the suit makes the merc or the merc makes the suit in the next issue…

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DOCTOR STRANGE #12 - Blood in the Aether Pt. 1

Doctor Strange #12 – Blood in the Aether Part 1

Published October 5, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

His name is Strange. Doctor Stephen Strange. And his misery is named Misery. Mister Misery. The pain Stephen Strange kept in the cellar has given it’s self a name and it calls itself Mister Misery. Opening the new story arc we find the pain Stephen and Wong bound up terrorizing a hospital ward thirsty for more pain. Luckily, Strange arrives in time to gum up Mister Misery’s wreak of havoc on the hospital but trying to hail a cab with a glowing sword can be challenging.

Later he learns of Mordo’s return and some how Mordo is able to still use magic. Mordo is now a servant of the Dormammu of the Dark Dimension and the source of Mordo’s magic. When Stephen and Mordo finally meet it’s an apple in the eye that the doctor uses to escape the stronger magic of Mordo. But where Strange ends up is at the whim of Nightmare.

A new story arc begins in Doctor Strange #12 and Chris Bachalo returns to bring the pictures. The Doctor Strange series is definitely keeping my attention. The writing has a tinge of humor and satire at times that make it interesting and the way the magically world of Doctor Strange is presented is intriguing. Bachalo’s Dormammu and Nightmare are ace. Mister Misery is going to make a great side story to come I’m sure. I like the character and the way it seems to help and also hinder Stephen at times is truly entertaining. One of the aspects of Mister Misery is the dialog he engages in with Strange. It’s dark and eerie at times. It’s unsettling and keeps you off your center while you try to digest his meaning. It’s great.



Published October 5, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salva Espin.

Before Peter Parker bonded with the symbiote alien during Secret Wars the symbiote was briefly joined with Wade Wilson. How was this missed? While being hunted down the symbiote finds Deadpool in a typical 80’s comic jam. His eyes gouged out and being strangled by his A.I. partner, Machine Man.  And if that wasn’t enough he was trying to avoid looking at the dance of Dansen Macabre. However, to his luck the symbiote alien senses he’s in trouble and quickly joins with the Merc with a Mouth at which point he’s able to overpower Machine Man and waste the monks of the Cult of Kali. But here’s another big reveal. Deadpool was at Secret Wars in that epic battle against the Beyonder! He must’ve been overlooked and pushed to the side by Jim Shooter. During a flashback he remembers his first encounter with the symbiote but it left him for Parker instead. Now flash forward the symbiote is back with Wilson and strangely gives him web-slinging abilities that rival Larsen or McFarlane-like poses.

I had to jump on this series. I love a good comic parody. I think it’s healthy to poke fun at the serious, high drama stories everyone once and awhile. I’m still working some for my own comic creation. But this is great fun to relive comics in the eighties. And I remember 1980. Two Easter eggs that stick out are the editor’s side notes scattered through the book and the MS-DOS reference. Some of the lingo in the beginning narrative by Deadpool ring of eighties but white high-tops, jeans and a mullet would’ve really nailed it*!  I’m hoping for some breakdancing in the remainder issues…

*Metal-heads fashion trends from the eighties -Joltn’ Jer…